Author : Mazin M. Alowath, Shaymaa J. Mohammed, Mohammed S. Alhasan,

Abstract : Background: The pandemic of COVID­19 has been causing millions of cases of severe pneumonia and respiratory distress in more than 200 countries and territories of the world. The causative agent, SARS­CoV­2, is a novel coronavirus, with well­ recognized lung complications. However, the evidences are mounting about both central and peripheral nervous system complications. Objectives: This is a case series study aimed to show the incidence of GBS among recently cured post COVID-19 infection cases and to describe their clinical and investigational characteristics. Methods: This study is a descriptive study, in which we have included fifteen patients diagnosed as COVID-19 cases in the last 2-4 weeks before the onset of their weakness. All of them have been admitted to Basrah hospitals in the period between 15/7/2020 and 1/9/2020 complained from rapidly progressive ascending weakness fulfill the clinical criteria of GBS. Results: The incidence rate of GBS in post COVID-19 cases during the period of study was about (0.375%). This result is much higher than the commonly known incidence rate of GBS in the community (0.017)

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