Author : Ahmed H Kasem, Nezar Refat, Fatma MM Kamel, Ahmed F Mady,

Abstract : Aim of the work: to clinically describe patients with COVID-19 who presented to El-Minia university hospital screening triage and to Clarify the simplest way to predict the severity of COVID-19. Patients and methods: the current study is a retrospective study on the clinical criteria and laboratory results including inflammatory and coagulation markera (NLR, LMR, CRP, ferritin and D-dimer) of 76 patients of COVID-19. The patients classified based on the severity into severe and non-severe group. Results: the median age of studied patient was 47 years old of them 43 male and 33 female. The risk of severity increased with hypertension and chronic kidney disease. As regards laboratory results in WBCs, neutrophil percentage and count, NLR, ALT, AST, urea and creatinine Significantly increased also there was an increase in inflammatory markers as CRP, ferritin and D-dimer with decrease in Hb, lymphocytes percentage, monocytes percentage level in severe group comparing to non-severe group. By applying binary logistic regression analysis it was found that increase in WBCs, Neutrophil count, NLR, ALT, Urea, Creatinine, CRP, Ferritin and D-dimer increasing the progression and severity of COVID-19. Conclusion: lymphopenia and NLR especially CRP, ferritin also, inflammatory markers, is an effective and reliable indicator of the severity and indication of hospitalization in COVID-19 patients.

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