Author : Ketut Ratna Dewi Wijayanti,

Abstract : The 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 infected human rapidly to the entire world causing pandemic leads many people got stress and anxiety. Pregnant women have a high risk of coronavirus infections due to their body change conditions. Therefore, pregnant women's condition and their physiological with/without COVID-19 infection might be influenced by the pandemic situation. This study is non-experimental study involving reviews of selected relevant articles from Pubmed and Google Scholar database; and selected completed clinical trials data from In this review, we addressed obstetric management in a COVID-19 pandemic situation that includes infectious agent and diagnosis, disease transmission, symptoms, and their severity level, and the psychology of pregnant women. The results of obstetric management analysis showed that the timing visits of antenatal should be done in minimal contact; social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) in the antenatal care, delivery and postnatal care should be conducted. Pregnant women who positive COVID-19 should get treatment and observation, involving body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood analysis, and imaging. Trials data indicated the number of completed trials and their focus of study. Thus, obstetric management in the pandemic COVID-19 should be planned ahead, and professional health workers must be trained for assisting patient

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