Author : Ika Fitria Elmeida, Endang L Achadi, Dwiana Ocvianti, Siti Nurul Qomariyah,

Abstract : ABSTRACT Background: The main causes of maternal mortality are thought to include hemorrhage, sepsis, obstructed labor, and hypertensive desease of pregnancy. For many years, demographic and health surveys have been used to study maternal and perinatal health in developing countries. However few nationwide population surveys have used formally validated questionnaires.Objectives: the purpose of this study was to determine tha validity of maternal self reported of obstetrical complication Methods: a coss-sectional study was conducted among 300 women at Two Hospitals and one public health center, a questionnaire recorded mother’s perception of obstetrical complications while hospital medical record. Sensitifity, spesifisity, predictives values and percent agreement were obtained for obstetrical condition. Result: In general, women’s report of obstetrical complications did not match medical diagnosed. The highest agreement was obstained for reporting eclampsia, with less agreement for post partum haemorrhage Conclusion: The validity of the surveys questionnaires varies between studies due to differences in the questionnaire. Health surveys based on maternal self report must be interpreted with consideration of this limitation. Keywords: Women self-reported; Near Miss; Obstetric Complication; Demographic Health Survey; Epidemiology.

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