Author : Dulmaa Lkhagvasuren, Yerkyebulan Mukhtar, Enkhjargal Dorjbal,

Abstract : This study focused on the management of cardiovascular medicines (CVMs), as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the great public health problem globally and in Mongolia. The ABC (Always, Better and Control) and VEN (Vital, Essential and Non-essential) analyses were emphasized in the comprehensive manual for Drug and Therapeutic Committees which has been developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are the analyses involve aggregate data such as annual consumption and cost as well as clinical importance of the medicines. We aimed to identify the cardiovascular medicines needing strict management control, used at the Cardiovascular Center (CVC) in Mongolia by conducting ABC, VEN and ABC-VEN matrix analyses. The Category I (AV, AE, AN, BV and CV), which requires strict management control contains the vast majority (70.97%, 81.25% and 78.8%) of the total cardiovascular medicines analyzed and constituted the biggest amount of the total expenditures at 87.3% (116890484 MNT - Mongolian tugrik – the official currency of Mongolia), 89.53% (95107593 MNT) and 87.56% (129608248 MNT) in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively. ABC, VEN and ABC-VEN analyses should be carried out routinely in order to manage medicines effectively and properly at the Cardiovascular Center.

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