Abstract : Studies on the degree of adherence to folic corrosive (FA) and elements related were limited in a wide assortment and affirmed inconsistency in the indistinguishable area and among uncommon populaces. by means of recognizing those components, there could be a chance to improve the consistence and afterward decline in the commonness of undesirable outcomes as NTD. The medicinal services organizations have a critical job in this adherence. A go-sectional see that utilizes a multistage examining approach transformed into utilized. It becomes directed among various number one medicinal services habitats in Al-Ahsa town. The example size transformed into 176 pregnant women dependent on the prevalence of acknowledgment concerning FA consumption during being pregnant. It transformed into 160 above all else, be that as it may, 10% of victims were presented so one can control the dropouts. the predominance of utilization of FA among pregnant in their first trimester transformed into agreeable (87%). least complex 2% of pregnant have a past little child with NTD. by methods for surveying the FA adherence degree, we found that lone 15% are particularly disciple. A not strange thought process (71%) of low adherence changed into distraction auxiliary to dealing with others watched by means of being a working mother and ignorance of FA essentialness. 13% of pregnant did now not take FA in any regard. the principle intentions in the rear of the non-utilization of FA as member referred to th

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