Abstract : The emergence of resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae assosiated with COVID-19 demonstrate a primary challenge for the antimicrobial therapy of infectious diseases and increases the incidence of mortality and morbidity. K. pneumoniae isolated from COVID-19 patients sputum with ratio (100%). All K. pneumoniae clinical isolates had 100% resistance to ceftriaxone , piperacillin (80%) , cefepime (60%) , amikacin (40%) , and meropenem =levofloxccin (20%). Bacterial isolates gave positive result for MHT, also all isolates formed ‎ β- lactamase at a rate of 100% by using spectrometry β-lactamase assay. Costunolide (38.3 %), Rutin (15.33%), Pentadecanoic acid (6.54%), Oliec acid (4.77%), and Caproic acid (3.22%) considered as major compounds in Saussurea costus were identified by GC-Mass spectrometry . The β-lactamase produced by K. pneumoniae were inhibited by Saussurea costus with a strong statistical significance at P- value : <0.001.

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