Author : Vaishnavi Vedam, Lirin Ann Thomas, Sivadas Ganapathy, Lincy Rachel Thomas, Hasnah Hashim,

Abstract : Bite mark analysis has been used as an ideal tool for recognizing dental features that are unique to the gender, race or ethnicity of a person. but the challenge that most forensic odontologists face in identifying the bite-marks have been accredited to the poor quality, inaccuracy or lack of proper bite marks records. digitization in the forensic field, has been progressively evolving, but requires more focus to further advance this method for accurate identification of criminal cases. this comparative cross-sectional study assessed dental arch parameters and tooth parameters using manual method and image analysis digital method with ethnicity malaysian population. this study showed a definite variation in dental arch parameters and tooth parameters in bite-mark analysis between various races of malaysian population. comparison of digital method with manual method has been explored in this study. bite-mark analysis has gained utmost importance as a source of expert witness in the court of law. this study compared bite-mark variations between indian, chinese and malay races of malaysian population. importance of digital technology has been re-emphasized in relation to bite-mark analysis in forensic science studies

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