Abstract : Testicular torsion is one of the most common urological emergencies in the world. Improper recognition and management of the disease could lead to irreversible damage to the testicular organ. Currently, there has not been any studies in Indonesia reporting the characteristics of testicular torsion. Therefore, we aimed to evaluate the clinical profile of testicular torsion patients in Dr. Soetomo general hospital over the past four years. This is a retrospective descriptive study evaluating testicular torsion patients admitted to the Urology ward of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital between January 2016 and February 2020. Relevant collected data included: Patient’s age, Location of torsion, pain onset, history of trauma, and management. A total of 17 patients were admitted to the hospital in the past 4 years. The highest number of cases occurred among patients aged 10 to 12 years old (47%). Most patients suffered from pain in their left testicular area (76.5%) and came to the emergency room six hours after the pain had started (82.4%). Most patients were treated with orchidectomy of the affected testis and orchidopexy of the contralateral testis due to unsalvageable testis (82.4%). Testicular torsion cases in Dr. Soetomo general hospital mostly occur among adolescence with the left side affected among the majority of cases. Most patients came after six hours, which led to irreversible damage requiring ipsilateral orchidectomy and orchidopexy of the affected contralateral side.

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