Author : Assist Professor Dr. Jamal Kadhim Al-Saidy, Assist Professor Dr. Jamal Kadhim Al-Saidy, Assist Professor Dr. Jamal Kadhim Al-Saidy,

Abstract : Background: Fractures of the femur are popular problems among children and adults, A proper modality of treatment that is the external fixation with minimally invasive technique is less cost and easily applied as an available option that can be regarded as a well-tolerated definitive procedure until complete union of the fracture specially in resource constrained centers in developing countries where specialized implant and instrumentation is not always available. Aim : To study the method of treatment of femoral shaft fracture in children at the age of more than 7 yrs. old, and to select the proper modality that is always present and easy to get in our city and also to check the efficacy of external fixation in compared to internal fixation by plate and screws, and to determine the management outcome. Material and method: A comparative analytical study extended all over the past three years, including all children exposed from femoral shaft fracture, where 1st group composed of 15 children underwent external fixation, while the 2nd group was of 10 children, who underwent internal fixation. The socio-demographic characters chosen to be nearly was of no significance difference, the outcome was the targeted subjects inform of infection, leg length discrepancy, gait abnormality…etc, link of association and difference studied by SPSS version25Results: Gender show no significant difference where Chi-Square=0.108a , P value =.534 , odds ratio= 1.114, regardin

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