Author : Dewi Nirmala Sari, Kemal N.Siregar, Hervita Diatri, Hadi Pratomo,

Abstract : Mental health in pregnancy is often forgetten and not integrated with antenatal care in most middle income countries (MICs). Many common mental disorders (anxiety and/or depression) in pregnant women are not well identified and untreatment in MICs. The aim of this review to identify common mental disorders’ predictors and outcomes in pregnancy, and evaluate the implementation of early detection of anxiety and/or depression symptoms in antenatal care in MICs. Sources of this review are from grey literature and scientific articles that have been published between 2009-2020 on Proquest, Science direct, JSTOR, Springer link, PubMed, and EBSCO. The result of this review are: family income, domestic violence, and husband’s low support are dominant predictor factors to cause anxiety disorder and/or depression in pregnancy. Untreated anxiety and/or depression in pregnancy increase risk of depression postpartum, suicidal ideas, and disability for maternal; risk of low birth weight, undernutrition, and stunting for children. On the other hand, early detection for pregnant women’s mental health almost never done in antenatal care in MICs. There are stigma and inequality health service for poor pregnant women makes they more inability to access mental health care.

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