Author : Rizqi Rokhmadhoni Pikir, I Ketut Alit Utamayasa, Teddy Ontoseno, Mahrus Abdus Rahman, Taufiq Hidayat,

Abstract : Background: Delayed in congenital heart disease (CHD) treatment is the main reason that lead to heart failure. The diagnosis of heart failure in children does not have standard guidelines, also the current treatment of heart failure in children has not shown satisfactory results, so further research in treatment is needed to guidelines. Objective: To determine the differences in the improvement of clinical parameters of CHD patients with heart failure based on PHFS and echocardiography values in current treatment compared to valsartan. Methods: This pre-posttest study was conducted on 29 CHD children with heart failure who were diagnosed for the first time and had not received prior therapy. All study subjects were randomly divided into 2 groups, the valsartan group as treatment and the captopril group as control. The medication was given for 3 months in each group. Treatment evaluation was carried out by examining PHFS, LVEF, LVEDV, LV Dimension, LV Mass and Fraction Shortening (FS) in the initial and final phases of the study. Results: The clinical assessment result of PHFS in the valsartan (p = 0.070) and captopril (p = 0.180) groups were discovered. The results of the echocardiographic examination in a row were: LVEF (p = 0.720), LVEDV (p = 0.538), FS (p = 0.455), LVIDd (p = 0.826), LVIDs (p = 0.912), LVM (p = 0.065). Conclusion: Valsartan and captopril administration did not show any difference in PHFS scores, LVEF, LVEDV, FS, LVIDd, LVIDs, nor LV Mass

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