Author : Hariyanti, Husnul Khatimah, Heri Kuswoyo,

Abstract : Counseling on the selection of contraceptive methods is a strategic intervention to improve the continuity of contraceptive use. Midwives as the largest source of contraceptive services in Indonesia have a major role in the implementation of contraceptive counseling, for the reason this article examines description of the implementation contraceptive counseling among midwives and the characteristics of acceptors receiving counseling. This study used data from Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) in 2017. The sample was married women who received contraceptive pill, injection, IUD, and implant services by midwives within 5 years prior to the survey, with a sample size of 9163 women. The implementation of contraceptive counseling among midwives in Indonesia is only 30%. Very few adolescence merried women received contraceptive counseling. Countraceptive counseling increased with education, socioeconomic level and living in urban areas. Increasing the age of marriage, access to the education right and a socio-economic level that is evenly distributed throughout the region was important points as input for policy makers in Indonesia.

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