Abstract : Background: Preeclampsia is still the main cause of maternal death in Indonesia. Pregnancy care, commonly called Antenatal Care (ANC) is a strategic effort to detect preeclampsia symptoms early, for that ANC must be carried out according to standards. Antenatal care standard consisted of measurements: weight, height, blood pressure, arm circumference, symphysis-fundal height, fetal presentation and fetal heart rate, tetanus toxoid immunization, blood supplement tablets, laboratory tests, case management and interview sessions (counseling), shortened to 10T. Objective: This study measured proportion of antenatal care were in accordance with the standards, how many were diagnosed with preeclampsia and whether standard of antenatal care associated with preeclampsia. Methods: This study used data from Analysis of Indonesian Demographic And Health Surveys (IDHS) 2017. The subjects in this study were women who gave birth last live birth in the 5 years prior to the survey, with 15.021 respondents. Data analysis used multiple logistic regression. Results: 21.5% of pregnant women who received antenatal care according to the standards and 3% who detected preeclampsia. Implement antenatal care standards could detect preeclampsia better than antenatal care unstandardized with an OR of 1.8 (CI= 1.5-2.2).

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