Author : Ossama M Zakaria, Hissah S AlTurki, Haya A Almousa, Fatemah A Albshr, Munirah Y Buaeshsh, Shoaa M Alharfi, Atheer A Alsultan, Reem D Alkhaldi, Nawal M Alharbi, Afnan Y AlRasheed, Buthainah A AlJughaiman, Mohamed Q Alalwan, Shaden S AlMoussa, Hessa S AL-Moaibed, Noura Y Alrashada, Fatimah M Alsaeed, Seham S AlQahtani, Mohamed Yasser Ibrahim Daoud,

Abstract : Background: The newly emerging covid-19 pandemic has imposed an undeniable burden on the global health care systems and human well-being. Objective: To holistically evaluate the perception and knowledge of radiology team members as regards COVID-19 infection and its related aspects. Methodology: A cross-sectional anonymous questionnaire-based survey was conducted among radiology teams within the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It targeted both radiologist and radiology technicians. Results: one hundred fifty-four radiology team members participated in this study. They were 88 radiologists and 66 technicians. Sixty-two radiologists (70%) had a good knowledge about the new Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines for the radiology department teams during the covid-19 pandemic. Their overall perception and practice regarding the protective measures was very high (96.8%). Conclusion: Radiology team members within the Eastern Province area were highly acquainted with the MOH guidelines for dealing with covid-19 pandemic. They are also fully oriented with the self-precautionary measures during the pandemic. Although the participants’ number is slightly limited, it may highlight the need for further studies with higher participants’ number to give a realistic view of the radiologists and their team when dealing with biological hazards such as this pandemic.

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