Author : Ossama M. Zakaria, Fatemah A. AlBshr, Mohamed N AlMulhim, Saleh A AlMulhim, Abdullah AlMaqhawi, Abdullah AlMulhim, Aisha M AlZuhair, Naif M Alhamam, Haytham M AlArfaj, Mohamed Yasser Ibrahim Daoud,

Abstract : Background: COVID-19 viral infection outbreak poses a great challenge to the global health facilities including those in Saudi Arabia. The current study aimed to evaluate the Saudi community perception and knowledge about COVID-19 pandemic. It also assessed the psychological impact and the guidelines to control the outbreak. Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional anonymous Arabic language questionnaire-based survey was conducted targeting the Saudi populations. Results: Seven hundred and twenty one Saudi participants were included in this study. Most of them (n=503, 69.8%) reported satisfactory knowledge and information about COVID-19. Moreover, they mostly agreed (n=707, 98.1%) that implementing the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines is crucial to control the pandemic. Anxiety and stress were highly pronounced among 297(41.2%) of the studied sample. However, they reported different conflicting opinions about the community tools to control the infection outbreak. Conclusion: The current study participants were fully acquainted with COVID-19 pandemic and its preventive measures. Yet, this does not concur with the high registered number of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia. Hence, further studies with higher population numbers may be needed for further clarity of the COVID-19 community perception.

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