Abstract : To survey the information, attitude, and practices on Bio-clinical waste control among rehearsing dental specialists in Visakhapatnam city. the current move-sectional survey investigates transformed into completed in Visakhapatnam town. The inspected test covered 41 alumni and 248 postgraduate specialists. The review was planned over a length of 15 days. data was aggregated utilizing a self-regulated poll. Of 289 (100%) watch members, 241 (83.4%) were men and 48 (16.6%) have been women. among 289(100%) look at members, more than 3-fourths, i.e., 241 (88.4%) knew roughly BM squander time and enactment, though 23 (6.8%) each didn't perceive and have been not, at this point mindful of it. There is a decent degree of data and awareness about BM squander age perils, enactment, and control among social insurance faculty in Visakhapatnam city. typical following and instruction are as yet required in any regard levels, and there's a requirement for driving forward with dental preparing on dental waste control practices to these dental specialists.

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