Author : Zainab H Saeed, Ali O Abdelaziz, Mohamed K. Aly, Ahmed H Kasem,

Abstract : Abstract Context: The prevalence of anxiety and depression in chronic lung diseases is not uncommon.Most recent estimates of depression among COPD patients include a prevalence range of 37% to 71%. Depressed patients with chronic lung disease have a higher mortality rate, repeated exacerbations, more frequent hospitalizations and longer hospital stay as compared with non-depressed patients This study aims to study the frequency of depression and anxiety and to detect their impact on quality of life in patients with chronic lung diseases. Settings and Design: This is a cross sectional observational study on patients recruited from the chest department of chest and cardiothoracic hospital of Minia university, Egypt in the period from Septemper,2017 to Septemper,2018 Methods and Material: All patients were subjected to full history taking,clinical examination , mMRC , chest X ray ,HRCT was done whenever needed), The Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAMA). Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II)’’ questionnaire and SGRQ . Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software ( χ2 test and independent sample t-test). Results: The frequency of depression and anxiety in all patient groups was 78.7% and 16.4% respectively. Both depression and anxiety scores were positively correlated with age , dyspnea scale,FVC and HRQL score( P 0.001). Conclusion: Depression is more frequent than anxiety in patients with chronic pulmonary diseases .IPF and bronchiectasis grou

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