Abstract : The Jakarta Health Office initiated the “Knock on Doors, Serve with Heart” (hereinafter called KPLDH standing for Ketuk Pintu Layani Dengan Hati) program with the main objective of serving the community with a heart to the fullest and preventing sick people from becoming poor. KPLDH is an effort by the government to bring health services closer to the community, especially in the promotional and preventive fields. This study aims to develop a construction variable model for the KPLDH Program Performance index to measure the effectiveness of the KPLDH public policy program in Jakarta using the Baldrige Framework approach. This evaluation implementation research aims to determine the level of success of a program or to determine the effectiveness of program implementation. This research was conducted in mix-method. The study was followed by 44 sub-district health centers in Jakarta with a total of 308 respondents who submitted the KPLDH Program Performance Index assessment using the Baldrige assessment method approach. The results of the KPLDH Program Performance Index assessment are 82,16% with the predicate level of Benchmark Leader at the excellent level. These results indicate the implementation of the program with a systematic, effective, and responsive approach to the derivatives of the policies that have been determined, and good to excellent integration is proven by analysis, learning and sharing of organizational best practices as a key management strategy.

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