Author : Ossama Mohammed Zakaria, Fatemah Abduljalil Albshr, Kawthar Mohammed Aljarrash, Ghufran Ismail Alkhalaf, Noor Jaafar Alsheef, Mohamed Yasser Ibrahim Daoud,

Abstract : The recent COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a great global challenge. Patients with chronic illnesses may have drug adherence difficulties during the curfew. The aim of this study is to evaluate medication adherence among chronic patients during the pandemic era, and to report this section of the population’s knowledge and perception of the health services within the same period. A cross sectional questionnaire-based survey was performed. It was electronically distributed to people from Gulf Cooperation Council nations with a special emphasis on Saudi Arabia. Included in this study, were those who suffered of chronic diseases, respondents who did not suffer any chronic illness were excluded. Our study results have shown that 1066 of the participants suffered of chronic diseases. Among them; 78 different chronic disorders were encountered. Those who were not regularly adherent to their medications during the pandemic era, constituted 29.2% of the study population, 68.3% expressed hesitancy to visit healthcare centers during that time. This was attributed to their fear of contracting the viral infection. In conclusion, Chronic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic may have a higher morbidity and mortality risks. This may be explained by their reluctancy to visit the health care facilities. They should be targeted by further educational programs to encourage them for a regular health facility visits to keep adherent to their medications. The social media may have a great role.

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