Abstract : Abstract— Eel (Monopterus Albus) is a type of animal protein that contains high iron. Iron supplements in the form of eel chips are an effort to increase iron intake in teenage girls adequately. This study aimed to determine the effect of consuming eel chips on increasing hemoglobin levels in teenage girls. The design of this research is analytical, using a Quasy experiment design (non-randomized control group pretest posttest design). The population in this study is teenage girls who have hemoglobin levels <12 mg% and the number of samples was fifty four people (27 in the treatment group and 27 in the control group). The nutritional content of eel chips can increase hemoglobin levels in teenage girls with an average increase of 1.429 mg%, this is different from the hemoglobin levels of teenage girls who didn’t consume eel chips with an average increase of 0.533 mg%. The results of the dependent t test showed significance with Pvalue = 0.000 (α = 0.05). The test results of the content of eel chips showed that eel chips contained 10.9 grams of protein and 5 mg of iron, which are good for increasing hemoglobin levels in teenage girls.

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