Author : Fauziyah, Roro Nur, Pardina, Selly Finka,

Abstract : Hypercholesterolimia becomes one of the factors of vascular disease. The abnormal total cholesterol levels result in inhibition of blood vessels because it can cause atherosclerosis. Anthocyanin that contains in Fermented Glutinous Black Rice as one functional food is recommended to lower total cholesterol levels. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of fermented Fermented Glutinous Black Rice to total cholesterol levels. This study method used two group pre test and post test experimental design. This research was conducted in January 2017 - February 2017. Samples are residents of Budiharja Village, Cililin sub-district, West Bandung regency, men and women aged over 36 years old with menopause women excluded. The sample of the study amounted to 36 people. The sample was divided into two study groups of each of 18 samples. Before and after the intervention, total cholesterol levels were examined in both groups. Also performed SQFFQ and recall 1x24 hours every three days during the study. The results of the analysis with Dependent T-test of the intervention group showed a decrease in initial total cholesterol levels of 224.61 mg/dL became 194,11 mg/dL with p<0,001. The analysis result with Mann Whitney Test showed that there is decrease total cholesterol level between intervention group and control group (p <0,001). So, one of the way to decreasing the total cholesterol levels could be started by consuming Fermented Glutinous Black Rice.

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