Abstract : Abstract - In order to preserve sound maternal health, nutrition plays a significant and definite role in the course of pregnancy. This study was aimed to analyze the effect of giving instant papeda with laor powder (Eunice viridis) on the increase in weight pregnant rats and birth weight. An experimental study with Randomized Controlled Trial Post Test Design was performed towards 24 pregnant rat categorized into 4 groups as follows: Control Group (K), Group P1 (instant papeda), Group P2 (instant papeda with laor powder (70:30%), and Group P3 (instant papeda with laor powder (60:40%). Instant papeda with laor powder was given starting from day 1 to day 18 of pregancy. On day 19, the surgery was performed and the infants were weighing with digital scale. One Way Anova test 95% CI was used for the statistical analysis. Anova test resulted in significant difference on the changing of body weight during pregnancy. The increase in body weight of rats in the control group was 47.3%, the P1 group was 44.3%, the P2 group was 49% and the P3 group was 60.5%. Instant papeda with laor powder (Eunice viridis) effected (P < 0,05 ) on fetal body weight. Consequesntly, further analysis resulted in the differences between fetal weight of the control group and P3 group. Fetal body weight in P1 group was different from P3 group. Instant papeda with laor powder substituted with 40% laor flour resulted in more fetal body weight than other groups. Keywords: instant papeda with laor powder, weig

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