Abstract : The long-term use of plastic for food packaging affects monomer migration. Bioplastics can be used as an alternative for food packaging because bioplastics can reduce risks of health. This research aimed to determine the effect of glycerol and chitosan doses for the utilization of cassava peel waste as bioplastics food packaging and its effect on physical and microbiological food quality. This research is experiment with the independent variable of glycerol and chitosan doses as (3 % weight: 3 ml, 5 % weight: 5 ml and 7 % weight: 7 ml) and the dependent variables are the physical and microbiological quality of food. Sample at this research is Getuk, with 24 samples Getuk (100 gr/sample). The result of the research is total plate count of control as 11500 CFU/g, treatment group 1 at 8783 CFU/g, treatment group 2 at 6716 CFU/g, and treatment group 3 at 4400 CFU/g. Analysis of statistics used ANOVA test, the result showed significant differences in doses of glycerol and chitosan for organic waste utilization of cassava peels as bioplastics food packaging to physical and microbiological food quality with a p-value as = 0,000. The conclusion of this research is the addition of 7 % weight chitosan and 7 ml glycerol showed the optimal treatment to reduce the total plate count of food (getuk) and the organoleptic test showed the food (getuk) packaging with bioplastics quality is better than regular plastic packaging. It’s recommended to use bioplastics as food packaging because it's

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