Abstract : Aim of the study: The purpose of the present study was to assess fracture resistance of milled PEEK crowns veneered with composite compared to zirconia crowns veneered with porcelain under thermal and mechanical cyclic load. Methodology: A total of 20 veneered milled BioHPP and 20 veneered zirconia crowns were created and cemented on identical epoxy dies of prepared premolar. TCML was performed to simulate a one year period of oral service with 1200 thermal cycles (5°C/55°C) 2 min each cycle, 150000 mastication cycles at 49 N. After that the crowns were loaded to evaluate the fracture resistance. Results: Regarding to the fracture resistance test it was found that milled PEEK crowns showed the highest value (950.57 ± 123.26 N.) followed by veneered zirconia crowns (835.71 ± 245.14 N.). Statistical analysis showed non-significant difference between fracture resistance mean values (N) of the tested group Conclusions:. Fracture resistance of veneered PEEK crowns was comparable to that of zirconia veneered crowns

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