Author : Jusuf Kristianto, Widya Warastuti, Fetty Rahmawaty, Rikiy, Gurid PE Mulyo,

Abstract : Background: Obesity is a pathological condition where there is an excessive or abnormal accumulation of body fat from what is needed for normal bodily functions. Being overweight is a normal weight. It has a high advantage compared to excess fat. Method: This study used a quasi-experimental pre-post test design with a control group design. The population in this study was first-grade elementary school children in Menteng Palangka Raya IV SDN. The sampling technique uses simple random sampling, with a sample of 32 respondents in the preparation group and 66 respondents in the control group. Data analysis uses a normality test and homogeneity test. Results: The results of the statistical test obtained no difference in the student body between the control group and complexity (p> 0.05), the difference in substance was 2.449 kg, the interval of 95% difference was 2.03 kg - 2.45 kg. Conclusion: The difference was 2,449 kg. However, statically, there was no significant difference in student body weight between the control and setting groups.

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