Author : Eka Pujiyanti, Ascobat Gani, Astuti Giantini, Indah Pratiwi Suwandi, Sri Rizki Novita Sejati,

Abstract : Pandemic turbulence in health services forces hospitals to be able to implement several areas of change. Universitas Indonesia Hospital as one of the covid-19 referral hospitals must respond to very dynamic changes, management must carry out financial management based on accurate financial information which is used as a basis for operational decisions designed to maintain the financial performance. This study aims to determine the pattern of hospital financial management in dealing with pandemic turbulence. The method used in this study is analysis of financial statements through trend analysis and common size analysis analysis. Highest number of visits in December 2020 was 8,949. The largest component of expenditure in November 2020 was 12% including employee costs and cost of goods sold which includes personal protective equipment, medicines, and others. The largest revenue for all services is in Covid inpatient services, and the highest in January 2021 was 22%. The higher number of visits will affect the hospital's cash flow in terms of income and expenses. Financial management strategy is needed to maintain the balance of cash flow, hospital income during the pandemic experienced an imbalance and tended to be more dependent on covid-19 services, while non-covid-19 services decreased.

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