Author : Ossama Mohammed Zakaria, Saleh Abdulrahman Almulhim, Ahmed Yousef Almulhim, Ghadah AlQarni, Mohammed Yousef Al mulhim, Ghaida AlQarni, Mohammed Nasir Almulhim,

Abstract : Objective: coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), was first reported in Wuhan, China late December of the year 2019. Aim of our study is to find out how do Saudi medical students perceive the COVID-19 pandem-ic. It also aimed to investigate their positive attitudes, if any, towards their profession after this pan-demic. Methodology: This was a perceptual questionnaire -based cross-sectional study that targeted medical students in Saudi Arabia. It took place via the distribution of an electronic questionnaire Results: The number of participants was 563 students. The number of male 243 (43,1%), female students were 320 (56,9%). Junior years students were 197 (35%) Senior years students were 366 (65%). Conclusions: Saudi medical students have satisfactory perception about the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, they have better intentions for career opportunities to serve their communities.

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