Author : Veronika Dudnyk, Olesia Kutsak, Valentina Furman, Anna Pogorila,

Abstract : Bronchial asthma (BA) is an example of a chronic inflammatory process that develops in children in the presence of genetically determined atopy and bronchial hypersensitivity and leads to profound disability in patients 10-24 years [1]. The prevalence of asthma among adults in the world ranges from 1-18%, and among children - 5-10%. In Ukraine, this percentage is only 0.6% -0.56%, which may indicate insufficient diagnosis of this pathology [2]. If children have several diseases that have both acute and chronic course, use the terms "combined pathology", "combined pathology", "concomitant" or "associated" diseases and conditions [3] It should be noted that the term "comorbidity" (comorbidity), used to determine the simultaneous damage of two organs or systems of the body, or the presence of two or the presence of ≥3 comorbidities [4,13], which can be attributed to asthma, because in the vast majority of asthma in children is a primary allergic disease, which causes the development of this pathology with a characteristic comorbid condition, increased blood levels, the main of which are immunoglobulins, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, leukocytes, including eosinophils. and their dependent hematocrit, SaO2. [5].

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