Author : Abdullah Fahad Alwadani, Bayan Salman Alshuhayb, Kaberi B Feroze, Muhannad Mohammed Alwadany, Abdullah khalid AlWadani, Faisal Mohsen AlWadani,

Abstract : One of the most significant medical events in current times is the emergence of the novel corona virus, Health authorities in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, imposed lock downs and restricted free movement to contain the pandemic, which in turn, has affected the daily life of people, markedly limiting travel and social interactions. This cross-sectional study was performed to assess the influence of the COVID 19 pandemic on contact lens wear and usage in Saudi Arabia, and factors responsible for the same. This cross-sectional study was conducted using online questionnaire to study the pattern of contact lens compliance, practices and possible apprehensions among contact lens wearers during the pandemic and the factors responsible for them. 465 responses to the online questionnaire, 344 responses of contact lens users were included in the present study. Almost 78% of the respondents belonged to the 18-30-year age group. Of the 344 participants, 322 were female and 22 were male, majority of the participants used monthly replacement lenses (74.7%). Most of them were using lenses for more than 2 years (74.1%). this study showed that the COVID 19 pandemic has managed to affect every aspect of an individual’s life, contact lens wear being one of them. However, what is worrying is that there were no significant precautionary measures adopted in those who continued use. Increased patient education to minimize the risk of infections and proper contact lens handling practices

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