Author : Siti Rahmadani, Nurul Lidya, Husnul Khatimah,

Abstract : Sexuality is one of the important factors in human life, which greatly determines human well-being. In fact, sexual problems are one of the priorities in married life. Pregnancy is a condition that causes physiological and psychological changes in women and considered to be a factor causing sexual disorders. This study used a cross sectional design. The number of samples selected in this study were 110 respondents and were taken by random sampling. The population in this study were pregnant women in the first, second, and third trimesters who received antenatal care services at one of the health centers in South Jakarta in 2019. The data was collected by interviewed using a questionnaire. The research variables were knowledge, education, information sources, husband's role, and socio-culture on sexual relations during pregnancy. Sources of information was the factors that most influence sexual intercourse in pregnant women. Therefore, the role of health workers was needed in providing information to mothers about sexuality during pregnancy. Doctors, midwives and health workers need to be trained to evaluate sexual difficulties in pregnant women and provide solutions according to sexual problems experienced.

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