Abstract : The purpose of this study was to determine the management of the learning process during a pandemic in Islamic boarding schools including management principles such as planning, organizing and evaluating by including various factors in it in order to achieve the expected learning objectives. This is necessary considering that until now educational institutions that still carry out face-to-face learning can be said to be only Islamic boarding schools. The object of this research is Modern Pondok Daarul Hikmah Tangerang – Banten. The method used is qualitative data obtained through observations and structured interviews with the management team of Islamic boarding schools. From several observation items and interview results, it can be concluded that Islamic boarding school learning is carried out offline (face to face) through management principles with health protocols . First, learning planning still refers to educational goals and applicable Islamic boarding school values. Both learning organizations are carried out based on the structure and main tasks of each element such as teachers, students and employees. Third, from the control aspect, in this case the learning evaluation is carried out objectively and adaptively, namely adjusting several aspects to government regulations and internally applicable regulations.

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