Author : Mohamed Yasser Ibrahim Daoud,

Abstract : Background: Increase in the frequency of malignant thyroid neoplasms is currently so pronounced among the Saudi Population. Aim: This five-year retrospective study was performed to report a holistic view about malignant goiter in a local district of Saudi Arabia. Patient and Methods: Five-year retrospective study took place from December 2015 to January 2020. Patients’ records were reviewed to distill their sociodemographic, clinical presentation, nature of surgery and the glandular pathological results. Results: A total of 72 patients underwent surgery. The female to male ratio was found to be 3.8:1 (49 females and 23 males). Patients’ age ranged from 16 to 74 year with the mean of 41.2 ±12.4 (mean ± SD). The commonly encountered carcinoma was of the papillary type in 56 patients (77.7%) while the remaining 16 showed follicular carcinoma in 12 (16.7 %) and 4 (5.5 %) presented with lymphoma. Conclusion: Thyroid cancer is apparently increasing among the studied sample. This need further investigations for an accurate elaboration of the cause, the commoner thyroid malignancy in the current study setting was papillary cancer compared to follicular malignancy and lymphoma. Although the sample size of this retrospective study may not be so accurate to highlight the problem it may raise the necessity of having further prospective studies on larger cohort.

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