Abstract : Cleft lip and palate incidence is influenced by various factors. Many studies about maternal risk factors have been investigated, but it results variedly. This study wants to give a glimpse about maternal profile of cleft’s patient in Indonesia. The data was collected from 2014 to 2018, from social service held by Hayandra Peduli Foundation. The data collected primarily, and 604 subjects obtained. The most common age group was 30-39 (41.5%) with 27.2% of all subjects were under 20 or over 35 years old of age. Most of the subjects (94.21%) have education level below diploma, still presumably related to low socioeconomic status of the family. Most of the patient (99.8%) already had routine antenatal care during pregnancy period to health officers and most of them went to midwife’s office (58.6%). Events related to pregnancy which related to cleft incidence and were recorded in this study: preterm birth (5%), history of miscarriage (13.4%), and serious illness and/or complication during child birth (5.6%). In this study most of the subjects (96.2%) consume fruits and vegetable at least once a week, while seven subjects (1.2%) were active smokers, and 70.2% of subjects were passive smokers. 18% of subjects had had an exposure to x-ray during their pregnancy period. Several maternal risk factors in Indonesia, including socioeconomic, events during pregnancy, history of previous miscarriage, dietary and smoking habits, and environment factors, possibly held accountable for cleft in

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