Author : Sudiyati, Asri C Adisasmita, Hadi Pratomo, Rini Sekartini,

Abstract : Monitoring the development of early childhood (Early Child Development) is a very important thing that must be done in every country. To carry out such monitoring, an instrument that is easy, low-cost but valid and reliable is needed in assessing child development. Instrument development efforts have been carried out in various countries, both developing new instruments and adapting existing instruments. The purpose of this research isidentify steps in developing instruments for measuring child development in various countries that are easy to implement but valid and reliable. literature review through the article search stage from data-based online, English-language articles published from 2010-2020, which contain research content on the development of child development measurement instruments. Of the 17 articles reviewed in developing instruments, 3 articles on creating new instruments, 10 adapting existing instruments, and 4 only testing and comparing with gold standard instruments. All articles go through the validity and reliability test phase. However, only 8 used other instruments as the gold standard

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