Author : Raghda Isam saleem, Asaad Q. Al-Yassen,

Abstract : The oil industry is complex in its equipment and design with a lot of chemicals used. This makes workers at risk of accidents like explosions, full from height, fires, chemicals burn, and many other health effects. Many of these health problems remain latent even after retirement. So this study aimed to estimate the mortality rates among the employees of Basrah Oil Company (BOC). A descriptive, record-based study was carried out in November 2020. The records of workers who died during the period from 1st of January 2017 to 31st of December 2018 were collected. The Crude death rate, specific death rate, and standardized mortality ratio were calculated. The results of the present study showed one hundred thirty-four workers who died during the study period. The age-specific mortality rate increase with advancing age. Furthermore, the male-specific mortality rate was higher than the female-specific mortality. Additionally, the commonest cause of death is external causes followed by cancer. Finally, the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) is less than one. The study concludes that the mortality rate among Basrah Oil Company employees was lower than that in Basrah governorate.

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