Author : Erni Yusnita Lalusu, Ratna Djuwita, Mondastri Korib Sudaryo, Dwiana Ocviyanti, Endang Laksminingsih Achadi, Rimbawan, Anang Samudera Otoluwa,

Abstract : The first 1000 days of life period, which consists of 270 days during pregnancy and 730 days in the first 2 years of the baby's life, is a sensitive period. However, there was a period that was missed, namely the preconception period that is a critical stage for determining a successful pregnancy. This study aims to describe the incidence of obesity and other nutritional problems on preconception women in the Banggai Regency. This is the baseline from an experimental study on the effect of giving multi micronutrient supplements since the preconception period on blood glucose levels during pregnancy in Banggai Regency which was carried out since January 2020. There are 137 samples of preconception women in four districts (Luwuk, Luwuk Utara, Luwuk Selatan, and Nambo). Anthropometric measurements and hemoglobin levels are using standardized tools and procedures. We used univariate analysis. The prevalence of obesity was 36,5% (up to 50,4% with overweight), 67,9% central obesity, and 12,4% anemia and 13,9% chronic energy deficiency. In Banggai, six out of ten preconception women experience central obesity and being overweight. This will affect the health status of the pregnancy and birth outcomes. Interventions must be focused on preventing anemia and overweight that begins from the preconception period

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