Author : Oguntoye Oluwatosin Oluwagbenga,

Abstract : Foreign body impaction in the oesophagus is a relatively common emergency. The most frequently implicated objects include dentures, fish bone and metallic objects and are usually accidental. Voluntary ingestion of whole Kola nut (Cola nitida) and its subsequent oesophageal impaction has rarely been reported by few authors. Oesophagoscopy remains the gold standard for the diagnosis and management of oesophageal foreign body impaction. Failed endoscopic retrieval is an indication for surgical intervention. Late presentation and delay in the removal of the impacted object is associated with the development of complications which can lead to significant morbidity and possible mortality. This case report highlights the rare occurrence of ingestion and subsequent impaction of kola nut in the oesophagus and the mortality that may be seen with delayed presentation and intervention.

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