Author : Ossama M. Zakaria, Rahmah H. Alabdullah, Ruqaiyah N. Alhakeem, Mohammed S. Alanazi, Mohamed Y.I. Daoud, Walaa A. Aldairi, Fahad A. Alwadani,

Abstract : Despite the great vest of published research about covid19 viral infection, many issues are still not fully explored. Ophthalmic effect of COVID-19 still pose a challenge and controversy to health care providers. The current study aimed to investigate the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations perception of COVID-19 ophthalmological manifestations, during the pandemic era. This is a cross sectional study. It was self-reported, electronically distributed to people from GCC with special emphasis on Saudi Arabia. Data were collected from 3500 participants. Among them; (14.1%) have chronic general, and (33.5%) have ophthalmologic diseases. The majority of the study participants were knowledgeable about the different clinical manifestations of covid19 on different body systems. However, only (11.3%) of them were aware that eye symptoms could be the first clinical manifestation of covid19 infection. In addition, half of the participants are unaware that covid19 could be transmitted through eyes. In conclusion, the GCC inhabitance have a lesser perception and knowledge about covid19 ophthalmological affection and it is way of transmission. This may necessitate an effort of implementing extra comprehensive guidelines.

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