Author : Ibrahim K Al jabr, Asma Saleh Aldrees, Mohamed Yasser Ibrahim Daoud, Bayan Dokheel Aldokheel, Ahmed Mashary Allubly, Ossama M Zakaria,

Abstract : Otorhinolaryngological manifestations are among the clinical manifestations of COVID-19 infection. It’s crucial for the general population to have a holistic view about theses manifestations as a part of controlling pandemic. This study aimed to report the results of the perception and knowledge about COVID 19-related otorhinolaryngological symptoms in Saudi Arabia. This is a cross sectional anonymous questionnaire-based study that was carried in Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire included a variety of questions to evaluate public perception and knowledge about otorhinolaryngological manifestations due to COVID-19 infection. One thousand five hundred twenty-one responded to the questionnaire. Most of the participants have identified otorhinolaryngological clinical manifestations of due to COVID-19, dyspnea (85%), hyposmoa or anosmia (82%), dry cough (78%). Study participants were willing to call ministry of health hotline(MOH) in 74.6% when experiencing otorhinolaryngological manifestations during COVID-19. In addition,70% were convenient with self-isolation. However, most of them were cautious to visit the otorhinolaryngological clinics during the pandemic era. This study showed that Saudi people have sufficient knowledge about COVID-19 otorhinolaryngological manifestations. This reflects the success of MOH guidelines to control COVID 19 infection. Nevertheless, extra campaigns with special emphasis of otorhinolaryngological illness still needs to be implanted in a wider scale.

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