Abstract : BACKGROUND: The exact mineral content of deciduous 2nd molars (DSM) in prenatal, postnatal enamel and neonatal line is not fully determined. AIM: To determine the morphology and mineral content of prenatal, postnatal enamel and neonatal line. MATERIAL AND METHODS: 5 human exfoliated DSM were collected, each tooth was divided into two halves so that 10 samples were obtained. Prenatal, postnatal enamel and neonatal line were examined. Samples were assessed morphologically by light microscope (LM), stereomicroscope and Scanning electron microscope (SEM). Moreover the samples were assessed for mineral analysis and all data were statistically analyzed. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: In DSM, Morphological study revealed that, postnatal enamel of DSM was more translucent in color than prenatal enamel in stereomicroscope. The neonatal line had chalky white appearance in stereomicroscope. SEM morphometric analysis showed an increase in surface area of postnatal enamel rods whereas, their number showed a decrease when compared to prenatal enamel. Elemental study of showed a significant increase in Calcium (Ca) and Ca/P ratio weight % and non-significant decrease in Phosphorous (P) weight % when prenatal compared to postnatal enamel and when postnatal enamel compared to neonatal line. C weight % of prenatal enamel decreased significantly when compared to postnatal enamel and decreased non-significantly when postnatal enamel was compared to neonatal line. Magnesium (Mg) and sodium (Na) weight

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