Abstract : Many studies have been conducted to assess the side effects of different types of vaccines focusing mainly on the general symptoms. However, there is no previous study that has investigated the prevalence of otorhinolaryngological symptoms among post- vaccinated patients in Saudi Arabia. This study aims to assess otorhinolaryngological symptoms post Covid-19 Vaccine and factors associated among patients with and without covid-19 infection. A Retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted among a sample of people at Eastern region who received at least 2 doses of covid-19 vaccine. People who had otorhinolaryngological symptoms before the 2nd dose were excluded. A total of 271 individuals fulfilling the inclusion criteria completed the study questionnaire. Participant's ages ranged from 18 to 69 years with mean age of 33.5 ± 14.8 years old. The most reported were Runny nose / itching / sneezing (8.1%), Sensation of discomfort/feeling of something stuck in the throat (7%), cough (6.3%). Exact of 29.1% of persons with history of covid-19 infections experienced otorhinolaryngological symptoms compared to 23.4% of others with no infection history. In conclusion, the study revealed that post-covid-19 vaccination otorhinolaryngological complications were were not frequent but reported mainly nasal and respiratory complications, mostly among females. Furthermore, otorhinolaryngological symptoms were more frequent among persons who were infected with pervious covid-19 virus.

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