Abstract : A worker is an individual who does work for life and is a social being who lives a family life [1]. Roles as workers and family members will experience conflict if not managed properly. When workers encounter a problem at work, it can negatively influence their lives and cause work-family conflict [2]. The contradictions between work and family happenings found by workers can also be the main reason for it [11]. This cross-sectional study determined the relationship between work type and family conflict. Work type and family conflicts were taken from the 2021 National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) in Tangerang Regency and South Tangerang City, where 1,048,573 data were obtained and spread across ten types of work, including those who are unemployed or serve both as heads of families and homemakers. Based on the results of the tests conducted, the relation result between the type of work and the incidence of family conflict were as follows: without greeting (for three consecutive days) p = 0.068, domestic violence p = 0.737, leaving the house/running away (for two consecutive days) p = 0.347, and separate beds between husband and wife (for seven consecutive days) p = 0.141. These data show no significant relation between work and the incidence of family conflict among the Tangerang population. However, the writer suggests researching more diverse types of family and work-family conflicts and covering all the problems that can arise in families.

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