Author : Mustafa fathi ibrahim, asmaa yousry abdallah, Ahmed Abd-Alfattah Ramadan, Walaa El-sayed Elgameay,

Abstract : ABSTRACT Purpose: The objective of this study was to assess the relationship of ANB angle and Overjet using Lateral Cephalometry. Methods and material: The sample included 75 Cephalometric radiographs of patients ranging in age from [15-25] that were selected and collected from the Department of Radiology Faculty of Dentistry (Suez Canal University) .The cephalometric radiographs were divided according to ANB angle into three equal groups with twenty five each group, group 1: Twenty Five for Skeletal Class I, group 2: Twenty Five for Skeletal Class II, and group 3: Twenty Five for Skeletal Class III. The relationship between ANB angle and Overjet was measured. Results: The correlational analysis of overjet with ANB angle in the three malocclusion classes showed, In Class-I showed a weak nonsignificant correlation (r= 0.266; p= 0.198). However, in Class-II, showed a positive significant correlation between overjet and ANB angle (r=0.792; p<0.001). Class-III showed a weak to moderate correlation (r= 0.479; p=0.015). Conclusions: ANB angle can be considered as a good predictor for overjet significantly in class II, but in class I and class III, ANB angle is a weak predictor for overjet.

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