Abstract : Searching for heart remodelling legitimate biomarkers in patients with hypertension is an important branch of modern cardiology. ST2, a soluble representative of interleukin-1 receptor family is a promising yet underinvestigated myocardial remodelling marker. The genetic basis of ST2 production, i. e. SNP rs950880 polymorphism of IL1RL1 gene, also demands detailed studying. The purpose of the study was to investigate the prevalence and special characteristics of the phenotypic implementation of SNP rs950880 in IL1RL1 gene, namely sST2 plasma level in men (residents of the Podolsk Oblast of Ukraine) with essential hypertension (EH) of varying severity. The study included 170 men residing in Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine: 70 men without any cardiovascular disease and 100 men with EH of varying severity aged 40 to 60 years. Among the residents of Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine, both among men without any cardiovascular disease and among patients with EH of varying severity, the most common variant of SNP rs950880 in IL1RL1 which includes C allele. The lowest plasma concentration of sST2 was observed in all groups of AA variant carriers; however, sST2 plasma level among these patients did not increase significantly even in case of EH development.

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