Abstract : Burns causes vasodilatation resulting in increased capillary hydrostatic pressure which causes increased capillary membrane permeability. This causes fluids and electrolytes in the intravascular out to the extravascular including Albumin, resulting in hypoalbuminemia. Hypoalbuminemia is a condition in which the albumin level in the blood is below 3.5 g / dl. Based on the National Formulary according to the 2017 Minister of Health regarding restrictions on the provision of infusion albumin, patients are given human albumin transfusion if the albumin level is less than 2.5 g / dl. A solution is needed to increase albumin levels other than through transfusion, provided that this albumin transfusion alternative is expected to be more economical and efficient than transfusion albumin which is notoriously expensive. Channa striata extract is a new product which is expected to be an alternative to this transfusion albumin. The aim of the study was to determine whether the administration of Channa striata extract capsules can increase the albumin levels in the blood in burn cases. This research uses a systematical review method by taking journals through various databases. The conclusion of this study is that Channa striata extract capsules can increase albumin levels in the body and accelerate wound healing in burn patients. The research that also found Channa striata extract capsules also decreases serum MDA levels and increasing nitrogen balance in a positive direction

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