Author : Ariuntstetseg Altanbat, Selenge Erdenechimeg, Tserendulam Luvsandorj, Ulambayar Lkhamsuren,

Abstract : Abstract-- Recently, herbal supplements have been widely used to treat upper respiratory illnesses, colds, and sore throats. Lozenges are one of the most widely used forms of medicine. The dosage form is prepared to have a pleasant taste and has a large number of advantages in the pharmaceutical market. The lozenge has a direct effect on the oral mucosa, has partial and general action, increases bioavailability, reduces gastric irritation, does not pass through the liver, does not need to be swallowed, and has many advantages such as ease of use and ease of production and storage. Currently, only herbal medicines such as Koflet, Koflet-N and Dr. Mom, which are used for the needs of the population of Mongolia, are imported. Therefore, there is a need to study the possibility and output of import-substituting products at home. We use Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fish, Eugenia caryophyllata Thunb, and Kaempferia galangal, which are widely used in Mongolian traditional and modern medicine to clear phlegm, relieve cough, heal wounds, and relieve pneumonia. The goal is to develop a technological scheme for drug preparation. We developed a technological scheme for lozenge containing liquorice. Some criteria for lozenges quality: appearance, base quality, solubility, average weight (n = 5) M = 2.5 ± 0.02, weight variation (± 4%), strength (n = 5) M = 99.2 ± 0.01, the moisture content (n = 5) was found to be M = 0.18 ± 0.01 p <0.05.

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