Author : Sukarni, Anna Hasanah, Gurid PE Mulyo,

Abstract : Hypertension prevalence increased globally, especially in middle-income and lower-income countries. Smoking was one of the risk factors for triggering the non-communicable disease. Smoking behavior prevalence in Indonesia increased from 12,3% in 2013 to 24,35% in 2018. This study conducted to determine the relationship between smoking behavior and the incidence of hypertension in the medical ward at RSAU M. Salamun Bandung. The research method used was a case-control analytic survey method, which was retrospective in nature. Sampling was purposive sampling, with a total of 28 respondents. Data analysis used the chi-square test showed that there was significance between smoking behavior (p = 0.005, OR = 6,923) and the incidence of hypertension. The hospital needed to increase health education about the negative effect of smoking by campaigning and distributing leaflets or other mass health promotion media.

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