Author : Naufal Ranadi Firas, Feby Andika Firdausi, Lukas Widhiyanto,

Abstract : Surgery in scoliosis patients can affect postoperative quality of life, especially in adolescents (AIS). Early detection of AIS and proper management are the keys to a satisfactory outcome. This study aims to assess the clinical condition or quality of life of postoperative patients and improvement of the Cobb angle degree in AIS patients at Dr. Soetomo Hospital. This research is a cross-sectional study. Patient data obtained from medical records include age, gender, and year of operation. Radiological data obtained by measuring the difference in Cobb angle pre and postoperatively. Clinical outcome data were obtained from the SRS (Scoliosis Research Society) Questionnaire Version 30. There were 22 patients in this study, consisting of 17 female patients (77.2%) and 5 male patients (22.8%). The average value of the correction angle of the Cobb angle is (30.73o + 15.25o). Based on the results of the calculation of the SRS-30 questionnaire, the mean function value is 3.94+0.24, the mean pain value is 3.96+0.42, the mean self-image value is 3.29+0.27, the average mental health value is 3.37+0.49, and the average value of the level of satisfaction with operating result is 3.28+0.28. From this research, found a positive effect on aspects of postoperative quality of life in AIS patients.

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