Author : Siti Nur Halimah, Putu ariani, Eti Surtiati, Gurid PE MUlyo,

Abstract : Adolescence is a transitional period that is a vulnerable age. Suppose it is not getting correct reproductive health information and obtained from appropriate sources. In that case, the school environment, residence, and mass media can trigger adolescents' development in understanding reproductive health. Throughout 2011, the National Commission received 22 cases of complaints about pornography by junior and senior high school students. Meanwhile, according to Baby Foundation data, it was reported that 83,7% of elementary school children of IV and V grade were meticulously addicted to pornography (National Commission for Child Protection 2011). The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of Social Media based counseling: email on adolescent sexual behavior in the city of Bogor. The research design uses the Quashi Experiment approach. This research uses an experimental type of research because of a treatment (treatment) applied by researchers. The quasi-experimental design used in this study is the design after and before the control (pretest and posttest with a non-equivalent group). Results: The results showed that adolescent sexual behavior was better (towards the positive) in the group receiving counseling than the group that did not receive counseling (p-value = 0.033). As an input to develop social media-based social media counseling services such as email, WA, BBM, Line, SMS, etc., regarding sexual and supporting activities Guidance and Counseling.

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